Emmitsburg Trail Project

About 7.5 miles of the roughly 18 miles of trails planned was completed last in 2013. And while the trails are shared use, the rugged mountain terrain make them more suitable for mountain biking and hiking. There are high hopes for this project. Part of the Town’s vision is to encourage recreational tourism. As there were no trails here before, this is a great opportunity for creating a top notch stacked loop trail system that hopes to become a mountain bike destination. The beauty of the surrounding forest and the varied terrain are ideal or hiking. Stacked loop trails provide trail users with different skill levels to enjoy the trails, from the novice beginner to the highly skilled advanced rider or hiker.

Please thank our partner, MORE, Inc. for their support on this project. Sharing the vision that these trails will become a sought out mountain biking venue, they have provided, and continue to provide significant funding to the project.

68 %

  • Phase 4: Design/Build Intermediate Connector Trail to Town. (5+ miles)
  • Phase 5: Design/Build Mountainside Intermediate Loop with some advanced trail segments. (3+ miles)
  • Phase 6: Design/Build Advanced Trails (3+ miles)
Phase 1 & 2$43,000100%6/30/2013Beginner Trail Complete
Phase 3$77,500100%8/30/2013Intermedite Trail Complete
Phase 4$95,000100%PendingTo begin 3/17/14
Phase 5$51,0000%
Phase 6$51,0000%