Trail Conservancy, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit organization whose mission is to provide assistance in developing, building and maintaining natural surface trails using sustainable design principles that minimize negative effects on the environment. In addition, we promote and advocate shared-use trails that improve the quality of life for all trail visitors while also preserving natural resources.

Most all our parks now have reduced budgets compared to years past. They have far less resources available to do more work, and with less staff. Even with existing budgets, trails do not fare as well with funding as other capital improvements often do. Yet, survey after survey has proven that communities everywhere place trails at the top of their list for desired park facilities. With park funding spread across the board, the amount allotted for trails often does not reflect the communities’ great interest in trails. Trail Conservancy provides that link. We help bridge the gap between the high value that communities place on trails near and dear to them and the lack of funding needed to maintain and upgrade them. We invite you to join other individuals, clubs and “friends of” groups in supporting trails. We believe trails are an important recreational amenity to be enjoyed by all and we exist for trails.

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Northwest Branch Trail now Shared-Use

Funding Trail Conservancy has received two trail project grants for 2016 from the Recreational Trails Program (RTP). Maryland State Highway Administration, which administers the program announced the awards to 37 recipients on September 29, 2015. The awards provide $40,000 for the Cosca Trail Project and $40,000 for the Emmitsburg Trail Project. Trail Conservancy’s previous commitment to Town Emmitsburg provided the funds to establish the natural surface multi-user trail system totaling over 13 miles. When complete, we anticipate a roughly 25 mile trail system where visitors to the Town and surrounding area tourist attractions can access the trail from the center of town. At Cosca Regional Park in Clinton Maryland, Trail Conservancy previously rehabilitated 5.5 miles of outdated eroding trails through RTP funding. We expect the trail system will have over 13 miles of sustainable trail when completed. Cosca Park has a lake, nature center, year round camping, ball fields and tennis courts. Both of these projects could not be possible without the Recreational Trails Program. No other grant program provides the level of assistance to natural surface trails in Maryland than does the Recreational Trails Program. Trail Conservancy also coordinates with community volunteer groups who make important contributions of time and resources to these projects. For more information contact: Austin Steo Executive Director Trail Conservancy, Inc. Emmitsburg-Trail-Map Cosca trail map